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The Law Offices of Maniaci, Ciccotta & Schweizer will give you all the information needed to make smart choices. Here are some recent articles to educate you about certain topics you may have had questions about.


Seven things you should do to protect your family and ensure a successful estate strategy:

Estate planning & administration

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Real estate guidance

Asset protection

Living trusts

  • Review your estate

  • Understand joint assets and beneficiary designations

  • Understand inheritance and estate taxes

  • Draw up wills, trusts, and powers of attorney

  • Prepare for incapacity

  • Protect assets from nursing homes

  • Living will considerations

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Estate and asset protection planning

Data suggests that over half of the population will require nursing home care at some point during their life. Because of this reality, and because each successive generation accumulates more assets, a need has developed for professional advice for those wishing to protect assets.

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Do you need a living trust?

What exactly is a living trust? Will it help you or your family save money down the road? You can't pick up a newspaper or magazine or listen to a radio talk show these days without being exposed to some form of advertisement promoting revocable living trusts as an estate planning tool. Although living trusts have their place, they are not all that they are made out to be.

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All Pennsylvania drivers should have full tort insurance

One of the most critical decisions you will make in purchasing a new auto insurance policy or renewing existing coverage is whether to choose "full tort" or "limited tort" coverage.

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Real estate guidance

Buying and selling real estate is often the most significant transaction someone will make in their lifetime. Unlike New Jersey, Pennsylvania does not have a 3-day attorney review period that allows a person to terminate a signed contract. In Pennsylvania, once the contract is signed, the deal becomes final. Therefore, it's important to have an attorney review the contract of sale before it is signed.

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